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Lliga de Curses de Muntanya de la Noguera 2022


The following list show the planned races until now. From here you can access to the race menu (only if the organizer has decided make it public), as well as check the race scores countable for the Championship (after the race ends).
Race Date Name of Race Circuit Location Discipline Race Menu Scores
2022-06-12SENGLAR TRAIL CUBELLS - Cursa 19 kmLlargCubellsCursa MuntanyaAccessSee
2022-10-23TRAIL NO LIMITS - Cursa 13kmLlargPontsCursa MuntanyaAccess
2022-10-23TRAIL NO LIMITS - Cursa 23kmLlargPontsCursa MuntanyaAccess
2022-06-05VII Trail lo Bunker - CaminadaLlargForadadaCaminadaAccessSee
2022-06-05VII Trail lo Bunker - Cursa 14kmLlargForadadaCursa MuntanyaAccessSee
2022-06-05VII Trail lo Bunker - Cursa 22kmLlargForadadaCursa MuntanyaAccessSee
2022-05-01VIII Cursa del Meló - Caminada 10 kmLlargArtesa de SegreCaminadaAccessSee
2022-05-01VIII Cursa del Meló - Cursa 15 kmLlargArtesa de SegreCursa MuntanyaAccessSee
2022-05-088a Marxa-Trail Les Peülles - Caminada 14,5 kmLlargLes AvellanesCaminadaAccessSee
2022-05-088a Marxa-Trail Les Peülles 34 kmLlargLes AvellanesCursa MuntanyaAccessSee
2022-05-088a Marxa-Trail Les Peülles 42,8 kmLlargLes AvellanesCursa MuntanyaAccessSee
2022-10-08GERBTRAIL 2022 - Caminada 10kmLlargGerbCaminadaAccess
2022-10-08GERBTRAIL 2022 - Cursa 20kmLlargGerbCursa MuntanyaAccess
2022-04-24TRAIL L’ESGARRINXADA - 12 km (Cursa-caminada)LlargVilanova de l’AgudaCursa MuntanyaAccessSee
2022-04-24TRAIL L’ESGARRINXADA - 22 kmLlargVilanova de l’AgudaCursa MuntanyaAccessSee
2022-06-12SENGLAR TRAIL CUBELLS - Cursa/Caminada 11 kmLlargCubellsCaminadaAccessSee
2022-10-23TRAIL NO LIMITS - Caminada 8kmLlargPontsCaminadaAccess